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Theodore Zukov Born on: June 30June 30 Nationality: AmericanAmerican Place of birth: Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles, California Height: 510510 Weight: 170 pounds170 pounds Eye color: BlueBlue Hair color: BrownBrown Other: He had a scar on his face when he had to be treated for his injury by a doctor and a nurse at the local hospital in the movie city. He actually died while having sex with a zombie in a Zamunda episode of this show. But if his acting skills were less than what he appeared to be, then his boxing skills were definitely on the level as he won the lightweight championship of America. He was so popular he was the star of a TV series which he starred in as the title character called Zukov. He had his own line of collectible vodka bottles that he signed and presented to people and if someone bought a Zukov bottle, they got half of the profits. And if they bought a Great Zukov, they had to buy more than one for Greatness. He also had an album that he had a big part in. He was a huge fan of The Beatles and he had an autographed photo of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. There was also a Zukov pin on the cover of the album and in the liner notes the album was said to be a personal favorite of Zukovs. There was actually a Zukov movie that was made and it is said to be very good if not excellent, if only you could see it in 3D. And if its quality doesnt turn you off, then you might want to buy the soundtrack because it was made by The Beatles. If youre not feeling well, get up and walk around. It may make staying at home more comfortable. If youre too dizzy to walk, it might help to lie on the floor or lie with your back to the mirror. If you cant stand, get up, lie on your side, lie down on your side, or get in bed. If you can just stand, put your feet up on the floor or on the bed. If youre too tired to get out of bed, then get in bed with the TV on and watch TV.

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