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You surf the big waves insteadA waves a wave, man. Oh, I like to think of it as a perfect day, you say. I dont see why we have to start surfing with the perfect day thing, man. I dont see why we need to start over, you say. Why dont we start from the beginning, like it or not. At this point, youre not sure which way to go. You start with a little bit of historyOkay, Jimmy, you say, trying not to smile, Ive been surfing for, what, about four years. Jesus Christ, youre talking about pretty much just the last year. Ive been surfing since the early eighties. At this point, youre just aghast at Jimmys blatant disregard for fact. You turn to Jimmy with a look that says, Are you seriously telling me you havent surfed for the last four years. Would you surf every day, or would you give up before your break. I can probably catch a monster wave in two hours. You put your own sabbatical behind youWell, I guess this means youre ready, you say. Well, I guess this means youre ready, Jimmy says. You walk into the local surf shop, Jimmy leading the way. A couple of other guys watch you from the sidelines, but most just stop whatever theyre doing and start looking at surfboards. One of them notices the red and blue C on your board and asks, Is that yours.

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