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The K-Pop genre has had a massive influence on the pop music landscape from the 1970s through the 1990s and continues today by way of various girl group groups, pop music videos and the artists themselves, in many different forms and genres. The K-Pop genre is one of the most successful but also one of the most misunderstood genres and a lot of K-Pop fans are also in the audience for acts like K-Pop groups that they dont like, theyre only doing for the money and they dont really appreciate K-Pop for its actual artistic value. K-Pop artists are often labeled as bubble-gum pop artists such as PSY, G-Dragon and other artists that dont fit the K-Pop genre and are often criticized because they fail to satisfy the K-Pop fans who want more than the bubblegum pop thats being produced nowadays. Its important to remember however that K-Pop is a very important genre because it shows that the pop music industry as a whole isnt just producing crap and getting bored of it. K-Pop is one of the most influential genres that has helped to shape the modern pop music landscape. It is a very influential genre due to the fact that it is so successful. Despite being extremely popular and influencing more than a few popular genres, K-Pop artists are still not considered great artists by a lot of people. There are some major misconceptions regarding K-Pop, some of which are completely wrong and others of which are true but dont make a lot of sense. K-Pop is NOT a fadK-Pop didnt come about by a sudden fad for nothing. Theres really a reason why a lot of K-Pop groups have made their debut in the last 9 years, and a lot of reasons why the whole genre has become so popular. Many people have also tried to argue that K-Pop is not really successful because its not as successful as its been, but really thats like comparing the Olympics to a gladiators show. Sure, the Olympics didnt become as popular as it is now due to it being fad, but many other forms of sports also became more popular with new forms of competitions being tried, all of which had more of a purpose and became more popular. K-Pop is in large part why other forms of popular culture such as MOBAs and other fighting games are flourishing. K-Pop isnt just for the young peopleWhile the main audience of K-Pop is the young people, it is not necessarily limited to that market. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of groups like Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, AOA, 2PM and many others. There are also many other popular pop groups such as EXO, VIXX, TVXQ, B1A.

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