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And so this is the story of a film called Post Mortem. This is the movie where we see what happens in real life after people die. We see their after death appearances. We see their last moments of a normal life. We see how they looked when they were alive. Then a story was written about this subject by a guy called Andrew Keene. Its a story that made a lot of people scared to death. After seeing the movie, a lot of people went to the internet to see what these things actually were. One thing that all the people did is that a lot of them went to the internet and said:I cant believe that movie exists. Well, Andrew Keene wanted to make a sequel and I think he did that because:1. He wanted to make a sequel because of the success of the movie. And so here it is, a sequel to the movie Post Mortem. The same guy that wrote post-mortem horror stories in newspapers. This movie contains the same themes that post-mortem horror stories. I suppose if youve seen a movie called Aftermath, then you can probably imagine whats going to happen in this movie. However this movie is not just about these themes. It is the first movie to make you go what the fuck when youre watching it. The movie is called Post Mortem and the message I want you to get out of this is that you shouldnt be afraid to face death. This movie is scary, but it is very much worth watching. This movie has some scenes that are going to make you think. Youre going to ask yourself what the hell is going on and why is this guy doing that. This movie will also help you to go over in your mind what are the implications of death. Even though this movie does not concern itself with the supernatural or the occult, you are going to learn more than just that when you watch it, which will make the ending even more mysterious. See more See lessI will talk about a little bit about a particular aspect of the game on each of the 3 stages. This should help you get into the mood of the game. I would have preferred a more traditional trailer, but the one weve got is good enough for now. Stage 1, Pipit, I think you have gotten the gist of the game so far. You need to kill as much monsters as you can in.

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