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See the Dennis Loud See the Dennis Loud. Shes the only one that gives me any hope. Aww, I dont think thats enough for me to say you say. I mean, I get that the internet has a tendency to make you see things that arent necessarily there and I get that maybe Im not seeing things that arent necessarily there, but this is different. You point to the Danny poster and say, I think youre right to a certain extent. But maybe Im just thinking about this in a different way. I dont really know about you, but Im starting to wonder if all this isnt just a bunch of bullshit. I mean, Im not seeing Danny or any of this, Im just thinking about it, but maybe thats my problem. You dont know what youre going to do about it, so you decide that youre going to just keep this weird fantasy going and see where that gets you. You keep it upOkay, Im probably just over thinking this. Ill just do what you do and think about it later when I actually have to put up with all of this shit you say. Good job, I liked what I heard Jackie says. She takes a sip of her coffee and then looks back out the window at the houses. Maybe youre right, maybe all of this shit is all just a giant elaborate prank. Maybe the world really did end that day. Maybe those internet trolls are trolling for attention. Maybe all of this is all some elaborate game. Then she starts to get sleepy again and takes her eyes off of you. Man, I think Im gonna take a nap too, Ive really been having fun today, I think I might crash you say in a sleepy voice and go to sleep. When you wake up, you have a big yawn and your.

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