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You add a new translationGive me some time. Youve got enough to decide which one is the best for it. You try El MariachiEl Mariachi is the best candidate, but it wont be perfect. You try Tres AmigosTres Amigos is better, but its not perfect either. You try MujerMujer is better, but its not perfect either. You cant decide and youre not sure you want to go through that again. You skip it, because you already skipped through that with El Mariachi. If you had to, you would have tried more than one version to get the best result. Well, you were just looking for a new topic. You choose WidowsWidows seems like the easiest choice. You choose ViciosYou cant pronounce Vicios so you choose Widows. Youve seen vi once before, which was a long time ago. Vicios is the Spanish word for wives, and widows seem like the most fitting choice. Maybe youre just not used to it or you dont want to think about it too much. You choose RamaWhile Rama sounds really cool it sounds almost like a curse. Maybe you could improve it by adding an o or other sounds that are more commonly added to Spanish words. You add oO is the correct addition to Spanish words, so you add it to Rama. Its not perfect though, there are still some problems with itIt doesnt mean anything it just sounds weird. You skip it and try another version of Widows. Nothing better popped up so you skip this version, try the other and try the next. It sounds kind of right, but sounds a little weird to you. You cant even imagine what that poor young lady was thinking when she wrote that down. You decide to keep doing this until something better has come up. You cant think of anything else, so you choose to stop. Youre tired and want to go to sleep anyway. This has been a total waste of time though, because you still cant decide which one is correct.

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