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T own Harry Potter or any of its characters. You can see the other students milling around outside, the castle, your room, just as much as you can see the massive black monstrosity that stands in front of them. T get over the sheer size of it; this thing is literally a gigantic mountain with a head the size of a small island. S just a big black hole; a black hole as big as all of existence. It would be like looking into the eyes of absolute nothingness. S only because the monstrosity is making it impossible for you to do so. The sheer blackness of this huge void has blinded you completely. You try to open your eyes, but all you can do is make them move. S too dark, and the sight is too obstructed. The last thing you remember is trying to speak, but the noise in your head is too loud. T even see through it, let alone go any deeper. Ve never been one to be afraid of heights, so you try to climb out of bed as hard as you can. S a struggle to crawl up onto your bed, but eventually you manage it. Then it is even harder to crawl back down as there is darkness pressing in on you, but you keep going for as long as you can. Re about to die, a bright light comes into view in the distance, and you stop pushing yourself through the blackness. Re just too dazed by the bright light.

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