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You nod your head while looking into her eyes. Ive already promised to stay here for a long time. After calming down a bit, you decide to get off the sofa and sit by the doorway. As you try to get off the sofa, her tears are now down to the floor. You think shes so sad she might cry now. You wont stop, because youre me.

You take the sword You take the sword. Youre not really used to doing this much fighting. Its not really your thing, and you prefer to just read and play games. However, the idea of taking on a pair of giants and their army of undead creatures is definitely something youd like to take on. Even if you had a sword and armor, killing one of those things and a giant isnt exactly the easiest tasks. You dont really want to die in a futile war, even if the idea of killing these guys sounds fun and all. The only thing thats going to make this harder is the fact that you might be having suicidal thoughts. You head to the village after being told that the other warriors there should be able to help you. When you arrive, you see several warriors sitting around a fire; this shouldnt be unexpected, since you told them that you would help them deal with whatever might come in your future. Most of them say their goodbyes, and youre left alone when a young man named Ed starts to sing a song. You tell the man to sing something elseYou cant stand the song. You dont like it when the man starts talking, and it would be even worse if he started singing. Then you see the man disappear behind you. You turn around and see what was behind you, and you find yourself to be inside the bodies of dwarves. All of their eyes are now closed, and their mouths are wide open. Its just you, staring down at the body of one of the giants, which you now notice has a large sword in its hand. You try to escapeYou cant escape this easily, however. Even if you managed to run like a hero out of your room, youd still be facing dozens of undead creatures. You cant even run through the door to the outside, since you arent sure of how to open it without being seen by the undead. You do however, you try to run to the back and hide behind one of the walls, but you cant escape the fact that you cant keep it up so well. You feel your head being pulled back by whatever entity that is. You are pulled forward and feel your body being crushed by a rock.

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