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This website displays the most famous people listed by their birth year, including the year they were born, and their place of birth in parentheses. It also adds information on the most famous people and their famous movie or TV show appearances. Thinks he has a good chance at winning the partys presidential nomination. Donald Trump has become a household name by tapping into the deep resentment many Americans feel toward politicians and in particular to the political elite. Trump says he can change Washingtons rigged system by turning it on its head. The New York businessman is leading several Republican candidates in early-state polls. But some of those poll results are at odds with the results Trump is getting in real-world campaigning. The results from three states that will hold Republican nominating contests March 1 represent the first test of Trumps political appeal. In Iowa, some voters said Trumps rhetoric about Muslims, undocumented immigrants and other issues are not what they expect from a candidate who wants their vote. In New Hampshire, which holds the first primary in the presidential campaign, voters were shocked by Trumps comments about Mexican immigrants, a group some have said they are wary of. And in South Carolinas GOP primary, Trump said the only way to stop gun violence is to ban all Muslims from entering the country. In a recent Wall Street JournalNBC News poll, about as many Republican voters view Trump unfavorably as are favorable toward him. A recent Rasmussen poll showed a similar pattern. Ive always said the best political minds dont make money on the campaign trail. The best politicians make money while theyre in office, said Trump aide Barry Bennett. As a politician, what Donald Trump does is hes able to do that every single day. The real estate developers approach to politics reflects the times. In the 1980s, youre a Reagan Republican or a, former California, governor or a, former, senator or a governor, said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whos running for the nomination. And Trumps approach to politics is similar to the one hes taking with the Republican Party. We want to see a person who will be a strong leader who will bring back our jobs.

Article about 1980 celebrities