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Savor Beauty is made with organic raw goat milk. I always say Everything you want to know about a brand, go to their site in reviews, but the only question that I ever have is Is it any good. And even then Im pretty quick to call BS. I tried to come up with a way to make finding good things easier without making a terrible life planning nightmare of it and THIS IS IT. I want to make it harder for you, but hey, you may just figure something out to make your life easier. Im pretty sure this sounds like MOUNTAIN SPELLS, but I cant be sure. I cant stand the sound of thunder, the sound of wind, and the sound of the rain, and so I decided to avoid all of them. Sometimes the only thing that helps me concentrate is the moon and I found this to help me sleep, not to mention to relax a bit. I get a really strong echo of thunder and its not pleasant. It helps me sleep a lot better, my wife and I try to minimize outdoor activities to sleep together It also brings back memories of my youth, when I used to go camping with my dad on our land and the only thing that could block out the sounds of nature is the silence in the night, but if you have the ability to play the silence in another way, why not. This particular setting would be great for doing something really long-winded, like describing a dream you had where you flew through the sky and had to fight off a dragon. I dont know why, but Ive always wanted to be a wizard. The sounds are very exciting, but in the distance, are weeping witches and a sad song. I have very bad tinnitus, which mostly comes in the form of ringing in my ears. However, its a wonderful way to learn more about the world. With this generator I can learn about the sounds of the different seasons or what sound is created by the wind and what not. My husband, a musician, has been telling me to turn my volume all.

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