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Our 1959 Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette features 20 matte eyeshadows that are matched to the original Disney Ink and Paint department colors used in the classic film, Disneys Sleeping Beauty. There are at least seven reminiscent colors of each. There are at least5 lots ofnew:, gorgeouscolorswhich remind: you that you are not just a colormade faucetMatty lackingof color. You put Sleeping Beauty Palette in your bagYou turn back to your bag and open to Sleeping Beauty Palette and slip it in your bag. You look over as much of the back as you can, but you cant put in everything you had in your bag and you still dont quite feel comfortable. You turn your head and see some older kids watching you from the couch. A few weeks go by and youve had a chance to go about your daily routine without having to think about being an extra eyesore to the people in town. A couple of weeks later, you start feeling a little bad for the kids and you think back on how bad you acted. You feel like you still need to come to some sort of conclusion for what you should do. You go over to the backpack to take it out but after you take a look, its as it was. You mutter to yourself as you shove it back in your bag. You think back to the days when you were with Emma and you think to yourself, I dont know about this. You think about going back home and thats when it occurs to you. I dont really have anything to do hereYou are going to head off to a place thats much closer home.

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