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A little more than a year later and the Beauty is all yours. You walk up to one of the stylists who has just finished applying the latest red lipstick to MissKitty, and as usual, you offer a hand gesture. The stylists eyes widen and her mouth drops a bit, but quickly regains its composure enough to turn her attention back to you and you shake her hand. So, MissKittys been very good to me these past few weeks. Ill have more from her in a moment, but we should be done here. Well be taking the models up to the dressing room so they can change, then well get started on the makeup. I think I have one of you models right here, if youd like to try it on first. The stylist goes and pulls out a model and says, Ill be back with your orders shortly, so lets get this started. You feel a little awkward and self conscious about doing this, but at the same time, all your research is proving to be correct and this is the right move. Okay, you reply, as you give one of the models the go-ahead to try the lipstick on. You see her blush immediately when she tries it on and you almost laugh out loud. As you walk the models back to the dressing room, a little more comfortable in your skin, you begin to think about how youre going to keep this a secret. The Beauty isnt exactly known for her trustworthiness so youre going to have to come up with something to make sure no one finds out. And maybe you can even trick the Beauty into letting you be her assistant. The Beauty Was PerfectThe Beauty is very good at what she does, and while your experience with her had been a little on the creepy side thats because she was. But now that youre done looking at her, you suddenly realize that her natural behavior in the same situation is to immediately go over and get close. You cant help but admire this woman that youve fallen for. You walk over to the makeup table and pull out your portfolio. You cant believe you havent done this before, and that youre actually really excited to do this. You say to yourself as you start applying foundation onto your face.

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