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You save it for laterYou decide to save the Sally Beauty coupons for later. You head back to your room and call up your phone again and see that youve been upgraded to the Sally Beauty Club website as a new member. There are some items on the site that you dont care about, like the Sally Beauty hair care products, you have plenty of money saved and arent really interested in the hair care stuff, so you make a mental note that you dont need to keep checking the site. You nextThere is a section on the site called Gift Cards and in the gift card section you find a new card for a special offer. 20 at Sally Beauty within a 1 yr time span. You make a mental note of itWhen you return home, you decide you dont really need the Sally Beauty Gift Card either so you dont do anything with it. This was one of the things you wanted to do but you werent sure you could pull it off due to money. You spend the rest of the day checking the site while making sure not to spend more than you could just buying Sally Beauty products outright. 80 on Sally Beauty products and gift cards. You wonder if you should try to call the Sally Beauty company to check on the status of the cards you sent in and get the card number. You should call themYou decide to call the Sally Beauty company since the website isnt working for you. You call the number and ask for the number for the customer service line and tell them that youd like to make a purchase on the Sally Beauti-card account. You call the Sally Beauty CompanyYou wait patiently as the operator hangs up on you. You wait patientlyYou hang up on the Sally beauty Company number too which is odd. How could you not get a hold of them then. You check your phone and there were no messages or calls. You decide to get to work and call up the Sally Beauty Company in person since nothing is on the phone number listed on the website. You walk over to the office and see a man behind a desk there. You ask him what the status on the Sally Beauty Company is. You InboundHe tells you that the Sally Beauty Company isnt having any staff meetings today and that theyre currently in the middle of a sale at the moment.

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