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Hours: Open Today Until: 9:00 PM. You spend a few hours in town before heading out to the car, and then you do what any normal person would do, you try to figure out how to get as much stuff as you can from this place. You open the trunk of the car and you load in a bag of groceries, which you have no idea where you got them from. You also grab a few bags of toiletries along with some toilet paper and some coins. You start to look around the house as you walk out of the car and find that the bathroom door is ajar, and inside you find that the bed is made and not in disarray. You grab a washcloth and sponge from one of the desks. Re cleaning up, you see the TV on, so you turn it off and then sit down on the front lawn and continue to clean up. S just too depressing to even think about. So you just let the depressing thoughts run through your mind like a bad rash for a couple months. A little while later you hear something in the kitchen. You look through a crack and see Donna washing some dishes. S been doing this since before she came over here. Donna asks pointing to a dark figure standing in the kitchen doorway.

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