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I am actually going to use the shop at the time for my daily hair care routine and I think Ill go back with my camera, haha. The shopkeeper, Sally herself, greets you with a smile and asks if you are here to make a purchase. You say that you actually are and she goes on to show you a few of her beauty products. As you are showing her your selections she stops you again to take a closer look. Hmmmmm, those are some really pretty and soft lashes. I use a whole rainbow of colours, and I have to know what colour they are. When you say they are black she says you have really pretty black eyes, which you can only assume she takes quite literally. You continue to show her your selection, before she notices the camera on your chest. She goes on to explain that she has lots of products for wedding shoots, events and shoots with a lot of special events in them. Oh, okay, I wont leave anything to chance. At this point she shows you your left side, on your right side she shows you your chest. She goes to take out a comb in a box of beauty products. This is an expensive beauty tool, but here you can get the hair and the eyes, and the face on the face, and all the other parts as well with this. She goes to open up the box of products and then goes back to showing you the products. I dont have any eyeliner on, but just wait, you can get it right away. She chuckles and says And dont worry, if you look like that, you wont be getting it. She puts away the brush and puts away the box. Oh thats enough from you guys, lets go on your tour, its been a long time since I was in there. She goes on to say and you can tell that she wants you to come with her to her salon. It actually is located in a big fancy residential building, but you dont know why, she points to a big sign that says, Beauty Salon, Luxurious Location Only 10 Minutes. You then nod your head, saying yes, and say Okay, you got that right. You walk out onto the street and on the second floor, which is just as big. This was actually the first time you have ever seen such a big building. As you walk up the stairs you feel that this is going to be different from the places you have lived, but.

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