Sally Beauty is the worlds largest retailer of salon-quality hair color, …

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Sally Is The only salon that provides the worlds highest quality nail polish. Re really really intelligent and you study a lot to stay ahead. You ARE a real person who loves real things. Re going to go a long way with life, it would be better if you were with a real person then on your own. Maybe you should let go of your fear and just do it. Maybe you really should follow your instincts that tell you to be with the one you care the most for. Ve always been pretty resistant to change in general. Re going to end up like your mom. Yawn, So you probably should just go with whatever the fuck your instincts are telling you to do. You take one last look at Sally and head back to the bus stop. S been five years since you got to meet Sally. T made you feel any closer to her. Three years have passed since your first day of college. You still remember the day like it was yesterday. You had come home from class and saw Sally in her room.

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