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You go to Sally the BeautySally The Beauty The Beauty Store The Beauty Store The Beauty Store The Beauty Store The Beauty Store The Thebeauty store. You walk out of your neighborhood and walk a little ways up the street and into a clothing store. You go in to look for a shirt that is too short and you find it in a rack and buy it. You turn around to go to the counter behind the clothing store and there is Sally. You know it is her as you have been thinking about her the whole time. Sally says and then you see her turn away so fast you cant make out her face. You can get that here in one of the free hangers over there. She points to a hanger and then pulls you over to it. But I havent gotten all my nails done yet. Why dont you get them done right now. When you finish all your nails are done. After you put them in the hanger Sally says, I had to take more of your clothes off before putting you in the hanger because I figured youd like it better that way. Sally leads you to a small booth where she places some of the clothes you just put on and then hands you a large towel. You watch Sally slowly open the door and move through it. You turn and begin to walk away when Sally comes out and stops you. You arent sure what she means and she certainly isnt going to take you back to her home.

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