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Hint: If you cant, then go find a new job anyway. In your mind, Sally is your best chance at a steady, good job right now. You know theres a small chance you wont get anything at all. You dont know about the rest of the world, but you know you cant expect your life to be any easier. You know youve only got a few months to make the best of your situation before you have to start looking for a new gig. But then, with any prospect theres always the possibility that theyre going to fuck it up for you. You apply for the job; better late than neverYou apply for the job. Sallys your best shot, but at least you could always go back to freelancing. You write up a resume and you mail it off to Sally, stating your major and your main profession. You havent left the house in weeks and are ready for some excitement again. A few months pass and you get a reply back saying you got the job. You go back to your normal life of drinking, partying and having the occasional hookup. You dont have many friends in the first place and even fewer that youre actually in love with. Youre content on just living a party like lifestyle. Its the only way to survive your life at this point. Ten years pass and your life has changed a bit. Youve got a decent job and youve gotten more comfortable with yourself. Some of your personal preferences have changed though. You dont have the same interest in music or TV shows anymore and it doesnt hurt that your job doesnt require you to really look around that much for anything anymore. Youve grown a little older, and youve gotten used to things. You enjoy a long, happy healthy marriage with a family who supports you. You have a lot of time left and you find yourself wanting to start thinking about the years after you retire. You think about your son all the time and youve always thought about him a great deal. Youve noticed though that something is missing in your life. Youre not having as much fun as you used to. The company you work for has changed a bit as well, though it hasnt really caused a problem. The company had gotten a little big back in the day and now there arent as many places that can be called work anymore. As far as youre concerned, you could say the same about where you live as well. You always loved your daughter, but she had outgrown your house a long time ago.

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