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Ll have to save those for my interview with you, okay. S a brand new white Lexus CT200h. You get in your car and drive to your apartment. You spend half of the drive there and the other half at your job. When you get back home, you take your car in and take care of any errands first, then you take the car to the shop where you get a set of tires and the car starts right up. You drive your new car home and enjoy yourself like you usually do. However, something is very wrong as soon as you park your car. M so glad to see you, Mr. Ve heard so much about you and all your projects. Gray gets in the car to help you out. Re very much embarrassed and still in shock about hearing it all. You just sit in the car sobbing for awhile. The crying becomes more uncontrollable as the car continues to drive. M going to go and get my car so I can go back to my place of employment and.

This article about List of black celebrities