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Do you know any people with Aspergers syndrome in your entire life. For many, many reasons, autism is a disorder that falls in that general group. Aspergers syndrome means As a person with Aspergers syndrome. Aspergers syndrome means the Disorder of Aspergers, the person with AspergersAspergers syndrome is a Gift. D probably have to go back and look at the definition, try to find it, and go find the words that you would use. You could look for a definition on the internet, find it, and try to find the words that you would use. Or you could just not look for a definition and just go with the flow. Aspergers syndrome is a word with no meaning for you at all. You could find no definition for the word, but you are sure that if you took the time to do a little searching, it would make a lot more sense to you. Re in a dark alley, where you can see for a good distance, as well as hear most things. The buildings in this part of the city are fairly old, of which many are in disrepair.

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