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Pataki is also the author of faithfulpeople, a collection, a book about faith. The first time you met, you were in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, D. Dave was in a meeting with another journalist to discuss the topic you were discussing. In other words, Dave was interviewing you to write a story for the magazine he was working on. This meeting didnt really make you think about yourself that much, because you knew who you were: a reporter, so you went through the same routine you normally went through with any other journalist, but somehow it felt different somehow, and you were a little nervous about that. Once you were done with the meeting with Dave, you went to meet Pataki, who was waiting for you in the lobby holding a newspaper in her hand. I feel like you said you were, she said. Good to meet you too, she said, her voice a little quieter this time. You got up and walked over to her while Pataki turned around on her. I think this could be very interesting, Pataki said. You walked a little closer while Pataki turned her head around. Im not sure why youd want to, you said. Because you are a great journalist, arent you. Im sure Dave told you a lot of things about me. Hes always telling people about you too. I dont mean to be condescending, but this is the most important interview youre going to do in your entire life. In fact, youre kind of going to make a lot of money from it. Im not really concerned about your career, Im just trying to figure out if youre a really wonderful person. You arent like other people Ive met before. Oh, dont be so sure about that, you say. Just because Im not like other people doesnt mean Im a terrible person. I just said youre not like other people. I dont see how I could be bad if Im really not like other people.

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