S animated classic, one of the most beloved tales ever told…

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You watch this movie twice for obvious reasons. The first time youre so caught up in the movie that youre not paying any attention to the people around you which can be a good and a bad thing. You dont know why youre watching a film about a fairy story book like this, but you feel like you should. You watch for another few minutes and then turn to go back inside, but then youre caught. You turn around and see one of the other patrons watching you with a sly, but amused look. Hes still wearing his fancy looking black suit and has a big smile on his face. At first you think you just caught him in the act of stealing something, but then the smile gets a bit more malicious. Oh, well theres been a few fairy tale movies made. Ive never heard of it though, Ive just seen this one before. Before you can say anything else, he grabs your hand and takes it to your eye. You can feel something hard and cold rubbing against you eye. Here, take this, he says and hands you a black, rectangular object with a sharp point sticking out of it. Besides, I thought it was a pretty cool story and I thought Id share it with you. Well, you say, not sure what to say to him. A small smile grows on his face as he starts to pull on his black suit. Okay, Ive been thinking, is there anything you wouldnt mind giving me. You feel something in your stomach twist and you feel a twinge in your finger. You were right, it has been awhile since Ive watched a fairy tale. So maybe we could watch it together and the more you know about it, the better. You turn to leave when he smiles and touches your shoulder.

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