Rule 34 – If it exists, there is porn of it…

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Youve never felt that way before, but your mind suddenly screams to be having fun. Come on you big meanie, get off me. Im a freak, you cant do anything to me. You gotta like me to like me. Youre not my type, so Im not doing anything, so go away. Youre being a bitch, Im going to go. Just let me finish, before you leave. You take a look at her body, and her mind. Then you see the devils trap laid just for her. The bitchs a little drunk, but shell get the message, eventually. You walk out of the store, where you see a few other people at the table. Shes just a few feet shy of getting them in front of her, and thats when you strike, shes not going to get much farther. You point at her and yell,GIVE ME THE COCK. The last thing you hear is her head exploding and blood squirting all over you. The crowd goes silent as they slowly back away from that particular person. Everyone else gets the message, and they back away as well. Well, there you have it, the worlds most popular porn star. Dont you go saying shit like that ever again. You turn around and see a young woman who looks to be in her late twenties wearing a red tank top. The girl immediately begins to cry and runs out of the store. Before she can do anything else, the sound of your car gets her attention. She doesnt even see you, she just hears the engine and realizes shes not in any danger. I just wanted to get your car and give it back. Wow, you really dont want to talk about this do you. My mom and dad split up when I was born.

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