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Disney Princesses and Disney The Musical characters were in this costume, and Disney Princesses is a very popular costume. I still remember feeling so out of place and how proud I was that I was dressed like a princess. S a good chance all of the items you collected in this order came from this same place. You have now found your starting point. You know you have to go through the rest of the houses to collect the last item to complete this set. Each house has more items than the last, but you have to move fast because time is running out. You make your way through the streets of your neighborhood. When you enter a new area, you know you need to find a new way to get the items you need. You know you will eventually need to find a way to use the computer in another house. M searching for this item called a computer part here. You can only find the computer part in a computer, so you need to go to the computer room. The door is so big and heavy that you think you will have to carry it with you, but then you remember you can crawl inside the doorway at the moment. You walk inside, and start looking through the cabinets and drawers. You grab the book and take a closer look. Ve found the computer part you need. You just need to carry it back to the car. You carefully head back out into the hallway. S a long walk back, but you take it slow and walk out the front door. Time to spend on the things you like to do.

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