RR: Minyeoui Tansaeng, is a 2014 South Korean television series …

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You go homeIn the time that you were visiting that place you ran into some trouble and had to leave a little early and so you stayed in bed after coming out of the bathroom and slept until the next day. That was on the morning of the 21st the day you were supposed to meet up with your friends at a street where they were waiting for you. It wasnt a bad dream, but it didnt make you feel like you needed to have a good time, so even though she was a pretty girl, you couldnt really get turned on by her. You didnt really know what to say to her either. It was strange though, since in your previous lives, she was someone you remember having a friendly and comfortable contact with. T imagine it went that well for you, since I just saw you as a girl. Ve got someone else in your apartment building who is. You turn your head to look at her. Yes, there are a lot of kids at school nearby. Re not the only guy who was waiting for his friends. Ve grown quite a bit since we last saw each other. She touches your face with one of her hand. T actually waiting here with my friends, I was waiting for my boyfriend. My boyfriend is an asshole and every day he comes home drunk and shouts at me for no reason. She looks up at you and continues her speech. Re not my type either, but your eyes are different. No one has blue eyes like you, and they are so unique.

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