RR: Miindo, is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Jeon Yun-…

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The film itself is a film about the friendship of a group of high school girls in Korea, with a bit of romance thrown in. Im sure theres a lot of secrets in there. You shake your head and start your search again. There is nothing inside, nor are there any doors left open. You open up the little opening for the generator by the door and it seems to be working fine. When you turn the crank to keep it running, a small metal box comes out, and you open it up. This box contains a single red apple, which you eat without hesitation. Re about to head inside, when you hear some more voices coming from around the corner of the tent. Re a middle-aged couple with a baby on their shoulders. They both look out the tent entrance at you. Now all the pairs of eyes of those inside the tent are on you. One couple even stops their kissing and embraces you. The older woman whispers in your ear and then pushes you to the ground and gives you a kiss on the lips.

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