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Seen in a Korean drama by a male lead character toward a female lead. Seen by a male lead character toward a female lead And this one is a little more complicated, So if you have a specific reason for why youre looking for a certain type then go ahead. But if your main reason is I like to watch dramas with a romantic bent then youre in the wrong thread and should go somewhere else. President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation repealing Obama era restrictions on fossil fuel production and drilling, fulfilling a signature campaign pledge but a blow to climate change activists who have battled for years to curb U. The decision to scrap the rules, which were enacted by former President Barack Obama in December 2015, was met with relief by the oil, gas and coal industries, which see them as an economic burden and by Trumps supporters, who see them as weakening environmental protection. Environmentalists, however, said the action was unnecessary and would result in an increase in U. Carbon emissions and other pollutants that scientists say are contributing to global warming. This is a day weve been waiting for, and were finally getting it, said Earthjustice President Erich Pica in a statement. The time has come to begin dismantling the climate damage caused by decades of lax regulation. I am also delighted to see Republicans and fossil fuel giants like Koch Industries join with the coal industry to advance this disastrous legislation, added Democratic lawmakers. Earlier on Friday, Trump signed a series of bills curbing government regulations and streamline the approval process for many infrastructure projects, including for roads, bridges and railways, before he meets with union leaders at the White House. The energy legislation, which the Senate passed by a veto-proof margin last month, repeals a rule that would have delayed for two years permits to drill off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas and on federal lands in Alaska and the Atlantic coast of South Carolina. It repeals a rule that would have delayed for two years the deadline to review abandoned coal mine sites, known as bad mine sites, on federal land and on private land. On behalf of workers and the American people, I want to sincerely thank the Senate for passing this historic legislation to remove these burdensome regulations that have been harming our coal miners, their families and our economy, Trump said. Trumps move to gut the so-called Waters of the U. Rule has been cheered by the coal industry and environmental activists. Trump last year proposed cutting the EPAs budget by 31 percent, and he has already put many of the EPAs environmental initiatives on hold.

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