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Dieses und bestens, zu, Rosas, Gewalt, Stadt, Schaffhausen. You can see the barber shop from the door. Its a simple building, made of mostly wood and plaster. In the middle of the shop are two counters with some shelves, making it look more like a salon. No windows in the front, but you see a light from outside. As youre about to leave, you see something that looks like one of the doors leading outside. You use the front door, its a lot easier to see than the windowsYou quickly open the door and run through the front door, not expecting to get away until you see that you are not in Texas anymore. You see a lot of people, all around you. They were all walking or driving on the street you were at, but now theyre in a larger plaza that is crowded. You cant do anything other than run. As you jump over the fence and out of the park, a truck slams on its breaks and youre thrown off, landing on the side of the road. Youre not hurt, but you get dizzy and your arm is hurting. You run back into the park and go back to the shop. Ill come pick you up after you are done with the business here, says Rosa. You wait until shes out of sight to get the car. You start walking the rest of the way to the shop. Im not sure where else to go, you say, unsure of what to say to her, but you dont see what else to do. Alright Ill give you the ride back. I only need you in the back, the red haired woman asks. Im not sure what I would have done without you. You go back to her shopYou continue walking to Rosas shop. While youre walking, you hear a car door open before you hear a girls voice. I just wish he knew that this car is always available for someone to use for free. The girl you just spoke with has her head down looking at her phone.

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