Ronen Rubinstein and Jessica Parker Kennedy Have Eloped as They Wanted to Be Married So Badly

The ‘9-1-1, Lone Star’ actor and ‘The Flash’ actress have exchanged wedding vows in a Jewish ceremony in Canada with only close friends and family in attendance.

AceShowbizRonen Rubinstein and Jessica Parker Kennedy eloped in August. The “9-1-1, Lone Star” actor and “The Flash” actress got married in an intimate Jewish wedding ceremony in the countryside in Calgary, Canada, with just close friends and family present.

“I definitely married my best friend and my favourite person in the whole wide world,” Ronen, 28, gushed to HELLO! Magazine. Jessica, 38, added, “We wanted to be married so badly and we didn’t really know when, how, where and why and in the end we planned it really quickly.”

“My cousin has lots of acres of land just outside of Calgary with horses and cows and it’s a gorgeous property, and he was very kind and he said yes when I asked him if we could get married there.”

Ronen publicly came out as bisexual in April 2021. He said months later, “The fans’ support and love is a big reason why I came out. They’ve been so open and personal with me, so to return the favour, I felt like it was time for me to be open with them.”

And his coming out created a “beautiful new chapter” in their relationship. He added of his now-wife, “She’s my everything. She’s been my support system from day one. I can talk to her about stuff that I can’t talk to anybody else.”

The pair got engaged in Italy in June this year.

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