Rockettes Cancel Rest of 2021 Season Due To COVID Outbreak

The Rockettes are canceling the rest of their 2021 performances because COVID is once again causing havoc in NYC.

The Radio City staple says they just can’t continue their Christmas Spectacular due to “increasing challenges from the pandemic.” Those challenges include a COVID outbreak among the production team, plus musicians in the orchestra … including a swath of breakthrough cases.

The Rockettes had a big show scheduled for Friday night, but after it got the ax folks outside the venue in Midtown Manhattan were reportedly crying, and now the whole season is 86’d.

The Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular is a holiday tradition in the Big Apple, where COVID cases are reaching daily highs and breaking records even though we are nearly 2 years into the pandemic.

While things seemed to be getting back to normal in the entertainment world, events are getting scrapped left and right and professional and college sports teams are dealing with outbreaks that are messing with their game schedules.

The Rockettes say refunds will be issued to anyone who bought tickets … and they’re looking forward to hosting crowds again in 2022.

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