Robinhood’s Super Bowl 2021 Commercial Seems Odd After GameStop Drama

The stock-trading app Robinhood aired a commercial during the 2021 Super Bowl and the timing seems a bit odd after what just happened with the company.

The commercial shows all different types of people in their everyday lives to highlight that “we are all investors.”

“The world of finance is changing—and we’re staying true to our mission. We’re in this for the early morning jogger. The midday study breaker. The late-night nursery rhymer. Because you already invest in yourself every day. We are all investors,” the YouTube description for the ad says.

The timing of the commercial is odd because just days ago, Robinhood blocked investors who bought GameStop stock from trading it amid the rise in price. The company was criticized for the move because it seemingly helped the people on Wall Street while hurting the small investors at home.

One celeb has spoken out about the amount of money he lost during the GameStop drama, though it’s not clear where he was buying and trading his stock.

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