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Ve personally tried several products from this line. There is a definite downside to using a cream every day and I have mentioned why I have had some irritation and redness. So, that product will be my face cream on my left arm. S it, with a good amount of time it will look pretty good. M going to finish up my look and then head to bed, and then get back to writing this review. Ll just be giving my thoughts on the product itself. M always willing to try something new. I see the cream, I see the liner, I see the lipstick, I see the cream on my left arm on the shelf, on my left side and on the right side. Ve been hiding there all this time. I see the foundation, which I only use for the under eye area. T found anything that looks nearly as flattering on my skin. S a little too bright, but it would be nice to have a nice subtle bronzer in my skintone.

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