RHONY’s Heather Thomson Has A Message For Eboni K. Williams After Tense Dispute

Things got heated between “Real Housewives of New York” stars Heather Thomson and Eboni K. Williams following the veteran’s return and abrupt departure from the show. Fans of the series saw the racially charged tension between the women and their newest cast member, but it looks like things were tense off-screen as well, following a telling and now-deleted Instagram exchange between Heather and a fan. 

“Eboni needs to go. She doesn’t fit and she’s a race-baiter,” one person commented on a post where Heather accused the lawyer of “negative campaigning” amid her feud with Eboni’s pal, Leah McSweeney. “I have to agree with you. Hers is not a class I want to take,” Heather replied. 

However, Heather addressed the comment on the June 15 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” telling Andy Cohen, “It was a total mistake. It was a comment moving too quickly responding to one Instagram comment. We responded to the wrong one. Agreed. Didn’t even really make sense if you read it because I’m not taking that class. It was supposed to be commenting on something else,” she explained. “It was an error that we immediately deleted and fixed and it is not my sentiment. … We did speak at length and I did apologize for her thinking that or that error.” Keep scrolling to see what else Heather had to say about her dispute with the Bravo newbie.

Heather Thomson is righting her wrongs

After Heather Thomson’s misplaced Instagram comment and her role in the show’s race debacle, she took time to share a written sentiment during “Watch What Happens Live.” 

“I would publicly like to apologize to anyone that I hurt,” Heather began. “And I’d also like to express my gratitude to Eboni. I was really humbled and inspired by her willingness to expend her time and energy and hold me accountable, but also hold me close during periods of false lessons and growth.”

Addressing her part in the drama, she said, “In trying to do good, I also caused harm. My role that weekend and the micro-aggressive remarks that I made must open our eyes to the reality of privilege and the undeniable role that it has in either upholding or disarming white supremacy and anti-blackness.” 

“This work is not easy,” she continued, “But I will not be flawless in my pursuit of equity, I won’t. However, it makes room for me to sit in it, to read and listen to the many Black and brown people who have offered us so many incredibly effective tools to fight against oppression in ourselves and in our society.” 

To conclude her statement, she added, “I’m gonna take this time personally to read more, continue to listen, and continue to be vulnerable because it is how learn and it is also how we can teach.” 

It seems like Heather felt it was pertinent to formally apologize for her mistakes.

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