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You just go see a therapist and then see a job interview. Youre not sure if you need or even want a job right now. You want to see more of the world but you dont really have a goal in mind. You went to see your therapist to help you with what youre dealing with but it didnt do anything for you and then you went to see a job interview but it didnt seem to help you. Its getting kind of late and the world is really starting to turn into a mess in general so you decide its time to go see a therapist. You head to the nearest job center and see a poster for a therapist called MissKitty. You have no idea what it is about because it looks like shes talking to herself a lot but she seems to have a knack for getting the job applicants to say exactly what theyre thinking. You feel that in a way she seems to be talking to you as well. You approach the door and MissKitty looks at you from across the room and smiles. You dont finish your sentence and look at her puzzled. She says and then you start to wonder if shes speaking to you too. She goes on to say that all of her appointments will now be video taped which will allow her to look deeper into the problems that people are having, and they could get a good therapist and save themselves some time and money, you think shes going to show you an ad she has for one. The next day you go to see her and you are pretty certain that if you took the job youve got in mind at the clinic then youre never coming back here ever again. It actually makes you wonder if you should have gone for the job interview. You didnt really want to do it and now youre not really sure if you want to. You take Miss Kitty to be your therapist because you trust her and the fact that shes also a cat also fits in well with your personality. You really think youll start to feel a lot better if you start taking care of Miss Kitty. You tell her the whole story about your troubles with your grades and then she starts to make comments of her own. Well, you were very smart not to go to school today. Its not like its a secret that this type of thing can be very problematic if not addressed properly. She then shows you a video of an extremely stressed out looking man.

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