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KidKrafts Belle Enchanted Dollhouse Kits KidKrafts Belle Enchanted Dollhouse, Beauty and The Beast Dollhouse, dollhouse, Beauty. KidKrafts Belle Enchanted Dollhouse, princess, Dollhouse, enchantress. This deal doesnt seem too bad and the quality seems very high. The only reason why Im not going with it is because I dont like the idea of paying for a house with the title of Beauty and the Beast. Maybe its a scam, but I feel that buying it would be too convenient for me. If you find it too convenient, then I suggest you just keep doing what youre doing and dont buy this deal. Ill let you do your thing. You walk inside the door of the house and see that the house is decorated in the same manner as Krazkis dollhouse. Krazkis dollhouse is decorated in a very unique way. It looks more like a place where you could escape into another world rather than a place youd live in. In the entryway, you see a bookcase that goes all the way around the house. On either side of the bookcases are two doors and two large staircases. On the first door to the right of the entryway you see a large mirror and on the second door to the right you see a small window. The second door to the right is a bedroom that has a double bed and a dresser. The other side of the house has a small living area, a bathroom, and a kitchen area. You walk over to the bedroom and knock twice on the door. You see a young looking female with long blonde hair wearing a nightgown opening up the bedroom door. The girl hears your voice and opens up the bedroom door. Im sorry for standing in the door way she says. I was getting a little tired after all the excitement weve been experiencing lately. The assassination attemptWell good, since when have you been involved in these things, and why was there an attempt this time. It all started a year ago, when we were forced to move out of Dert and into a new house owned by the Governor.

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