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I like to think my writing is a little bit above most. You see, Im not some average schlub in some place trying to make a living off the odd story I write. If I am, then Im doing a lousy job of it. Im just trying to survive another day in this shitty world. For that reason, Ive been reading more and thinking more about the world in general. And so Ive come to the conclusion that I do have a lot more to contribute. I just need you all to give me the platform to do it. Something thats going to help me stay relevant. I want to try to write a story thats more in the general vein of horror fiction. Something that has an emotional impact and isnt just a fast scannable page turner. I want to do something a little more original. What Im turning to you readers though is your help. You can help me by donating on Patreon. This will enable me to spend more time writing, and hopefully bring you all something new and different.

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