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ReviewsBeauty and the beast film theme music melody,it is a great video game music album. Results of 3 of of 55 Do all Beauty and The Beast music boxes move. Not all video game music albums will move on all moves. Not all music albums will move onThis is a nice box, very nicely made. It has a very nice leather look to it, with the gold accents. The box is also very sturdy, I cant imagine this box being damaged by even a small child. The instructions are pretty clear about what to do with the box, which is nice. The bottom of the box is a nice black plastic, and shows the product name, price, and some description of the contents. The top of the box is a nice brown cardboard, and shows the product name, the films title, and a description of what is inside. OverallI was originally torn on whether or not to get this box. The description of the contents, it just sounded so cheesy. However, I thought about it a lot more after doing more research. The box does seem to be made of sturdy box. It is also very easy to move, and looks really nice. I am definitely going to buy the box, and I think I can recommend it for a great price, but I am a little leery about the contents. I dont know if its the cheesy description I read, or if its just that I have an odd sense of humour, but the contents of this box sounded really cheesy. I do think that this box will give you a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it. Of course, you could just wait until Christmas, and get the gift as a present. I also think I am going to do a video tutorial on how to open it, so I can show you how amazing this box is. You continueWith his new look, the young boy is an object of admiration for many. He is the lucky one to be chosen by the most beautiful woman in the village. Her name Isabella and while she looks like a common farm girl, she is.

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