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Im just gonna make this as brief as I can. Letting me out of the basement, Belle says shes had it. She leaves the trailer to pack up the supplies since she is still hungry. Belle is definitely a better fit than the usual human girls weve had. She starts to try on some of the larger outfits and she actually looks a lot like the pictures of a Belle from the trailers. Id say this is a huge plus in the casting department. The problem is with Belle though is that she still looks like a teenager, not something with that age. She has a teenaged voice and for those who know her, she sounds like shes in middle school. She has a lot of awkwardness and isnt very assertive, something she gets a lot due to that. Id say she could be perfect to play a quiet and reserved older sister type, which is what she seems to be in this film, but Im afraid that might be boring. The film wants to go deeper into her character, but this would also be boring. Id really like to see her in her role as the school bully. That would be so much more interesting to watch and it would also be a better fit. After that scene, we get a bit more of a look at the Beast and hes actually very appealing without being ridiculous or creepy. Hes handsome, well built, and his skin feels a lot more sensitive than our own. Im hoping the film doesnt go too far into weirdness in this version as Im getting bored a bit. The Beast himself is actually a bit ridiculous looking, but hes definitely the most Beautiful looking Beast weve had, and Im sure a lot would prefer him if he resembled him more. Another big plus is the character is actually developed. Now we have a much better explanation of why the Beast is attacking the humans, and why he doesnt have a human lover and how she died. The other plus is that the film does go deeper into the other characters, and in the case of Mr. Poe, the explanation that was given for how things work in our world makes more sense. All of these characters are also being brought to life in the best way possible, something that was lacking in the original film and makes the film even better. I think Im done here, as I was a little bored by the overly gory scenes and I dont think I want to hear about all the other things that the Beast does. So there you go, I went into this film with a lot of expectations, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by it and it could help raise the quality of the.

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