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The barber shop in the middle of this town has a sign out front saying: Hair Cut Shop With A Difference. You walk in and there are already three people in the shop. They are a middle-aged man with a long white beard and a mustache, an old-looking man and a young woman. You are a bit surprised by the fact that the old man is there first and you are in last place. Im the barber man and this is my wife and daughter. Hes not quite grown yet and is doing really well in school. Are you sure your son is not shaving his head. Id wager that he would be if he was your son. N-not really, he hasnt shaved his head yet. I thought that it would be a good idea to teach him how to be a man by the time he was a teenager. There are so many stupid things that a man does as a teenager that are damaging to him. He does not have any responsibility that far yet so I thought that he needed to be taught how to do important things. Oh yes, what did you want to hear first sir. Is there a reason why were shaving your sons head. Very good sir, may we ask you a couple of questions. The barber goes back to his chair and speaks to the bartender, then returns to you. Would you like me to shave your sons head now and put something else on top of it. You leave the shop in a hurry, trying to think if you need to get this haircut in the morning, but it seems like its a regular thing to do. You end up walking somewhere else to get your haircut, which makes you realize how good your job is paying. Youre also wondering about the rest of your life. There is the fact that you are getting a living wage for the barber shop, but you also wonder if thats all youre getting for your work. Do you have to work there very long before you need to look for another job or is there a way out to just live a more. Humble life, and that does not involve being a barber. Your thoughts on that matter are still not settled because you still have yet to make a decision, and.

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