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The latest in a long line of leaked documents published on Wikileaks, which reveal new details about the inner workings of the CIA suggests that the organization is actively involved in the drug trade. The CIA does not just support its assets with money, it provides drugs so they can go into the field themselves and blow the whistle on the various drugs they encounter. In other words, a CIA official will blow the whistle on any aspect of the drug trade, and the organization will supply their own assets with drugs to make the allegations stick. This has led some to speculate that the CIA itself profits from the drug trade to some extent. The leaked document details that the CIA is involved in the drug trade due to the fact that it provides a secure outlet to launder money. In other words, it is likely the drug money is being used to fund the CIAs operations. More information about the CIAAccording to the documents, the CIA also has a sensitivity for certain types of drugs and a particular fondness for the types of drugs that give you impaired judgment until youre in the absolute fog and hallucinating. When the CIA is going into a country and doing a drone strike, they need to be sure the collateral damage isnt too damn much, the document indicates. So the CIA will sometimes pay off the local dealer to blow himself up with a bomb theyve rigged to the car theyve rented for the evening. The documents also reveal that the CIA has a significant presence in Mexico, where marijuana and coca plants are plentiful. This isnt because Mexico is awash in marijuana, the document asserts, but because its convenient to launch operations from and the CIA is always looking for ways to improve its surveillance capabilities. The documents further state that the CIA has had some success in penetrating the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels. And the documents indicate that the CIA maintains a robust intelligence operation in the countries. In addition to information on the CIAs activities, the documents reveal some of the more bizarre CIA activities. For example, one CIA document states that the organization is interested in developing a suicide-by-cop technique to stop potential terrorists. The CIA keeps a low profile, but the cops have been known to kill people theyve arrested. These extrajudicial executions are usually quick, painless affairs, the document reads. It is possible to execute such people electronically during an interrogation. But we had a fairly high tech electronic warfare division that came up with several ideas for killing cops by suicide-by-cop. They came up with several ways to do it and.

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