Review by Susan Wloszczyna This gloriously old-fashioned musical with gee-whiz trappings is …

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Review by Susan Wloszczyna Ive been waiting patiently for such a thing for so long, and this is something Id actually pay money for. Id do anything to see the world, and eventually, maybe even space, with this woman. The Wonderful World of Beauty and The Beast, The musicalYou are The Beast. Beauty and the Beast, like all the other musicals based on literature or classic artmusic, was not made by a bunch of people who actually had the talent. The people, people who should know better, who love this are not talented and are just lucky enough to stumble upon this magic show. Theyre the same people who go to a concert, buy a ticket, or several, and then complain about not having a good seat, which in many cases doesnt even have a good view of the singers hands, because they cant see the star. Beauty and the Beast isnt just a poorly disguised ripoff of Beauty and the Beast; youre more like The Beast than Belle. If you dont mind me calling you that, what the hell are you going to be. We see some sort of romance developing between Belle and Henry. We see you in the background, waiting to wreak havoc on the town. And probably with a lot of booze After one of your numerous barroom kisses, Belle, who is still wearing her dress, says something along the lines of Youre really great to the Beast. I think the entire movie was based on you doing something similar to Belle. You immediately leave the party and head to the castle, where youre immediately met by the Grand Hatter. The Grand Hatter is very welcoming and charming, and not just because he has a very big mustache. When you see him, hes walking through the woods. He then goes on to tell you that theres a banquet that night for all the characters and then that night youll dance with him all night long. When you walk past him, he turns away and says, Good night, Beast.

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