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Is a shop that sells cosmetics under its own shop name, but their website lists a number of other products they also sell under the brand names of Sistar or Sistar. Sistar is a very controversial cosmetic brand with a number of negative reviews on the web. Its founder was caught selling products with illegal ingredients and has since been shut down by the FDA. On its own site, Sistar boasts of its positive reviews for itself. S main site has a list of positive reviews from customers. T what they seem or look like on the website. Re selling fake skin creams, soaps and candles that supposedly cure various skin conditions. We are not recommending this company by any means. T getting any of that money back for this product either. We only charge 5 bucks for it and there is no way to get that back to us. Can you not get the ingredients wrong. Yes, we know the ingredients are important, but what about the process. T it possible for us to make a product that is effective without using anything questionable. T this thing just another cheap alternative to conventional acne treatments. S product are listed to be a blend of herbs that purportedly kill acne, improve skin health and make the skin smooth and glowy. The customer reviews also say that the creams have a strong fragrance and are not cheap to purchase. Sistar Beauty is also not a natural product. S not even made up of natural ingredients.

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