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You think to yourself as you try to speak to the green one, It doesnt sound like any of them, youre wasting your time. The other one, the non-native one, this is a strange one. And the strange thing is, its a woman, and no, shes not talking to you, shes talking to the snake. She asks, you struggle not to fall for her trap and respond with a nonsensical question, she doesnt even look offended. It seems like shes making some sort of face, but shes not. Ive been living here all my life, but Ive only ever told stories to people. I think I should get back to telling my old stories to the snake. She gets closer on all sides until shes right in your eyes again. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. Its my parents grave, I have to find out where they are. The woman looks at you for a second, then smiles, Oh my, I think that was the last grave I heard before I had to go and find out, I have to tell you where they are, now go away and Ill be back in a few minutes to pick you up. You dont know why this one isnt attacking you, the fact that shes happy to see you and that its so close and so easily tells you that shes something special. You can go find out everything you need to know about her, but youll have to be patient. You go back to your garden, youre so excited and this moment is so unique. After hours trying to tell this snake that the names of your parents are Mary and George you finally give up. Theres no use in lying, you have to find out more and soon. It takes days and days to find out everything you need to know. Finally, you have to make a decision for it to be all for nothing, you leave the garden to head to the other one, while youre on your way you see a bright light and then a loud noise. The first thing you do is try to make sure your head never hits the earth.

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