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EMOTE: no key, Tom, : Tom shakes. 06:21:01EMOTE: no key, mouse, : The mouse shakes. 06:21:03SAY: Everett DickinsonGrongo : Oh 06:21:07SAY: L. 06:21:09EMOTE: no key, mouse, : The mouse shakes. 06:21:10EMOTE: no key, mouse, : The mouse squeeks. 06:21:16SAY: Poly : You still got the stun gun. 06:21:16SAY: Maurice TatorAutisticToaster : Heh, what do you need. 06:21:18SAY: Maurice TatorAutisticToaster : Or do I need to ask. 06:21:20ADMIN: Build Mode: Atlanta-ned, Sloan Cox, deleted the shuttle. 06:21:27EMOTE: no key, Ian, : Ian chases its tail. 06:21:30SAY: Maurice TatorAutisticToaster : Or is it all good. 06:21:35EMOTE: no key, Ian, : Ian jogs its tail.

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