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You see that inside it is a bunch of different photographs. Some naked, some semi-naked, some in bikinis or swimsuits. Some have big tits and some have small tits. Some are very pretty, some very not so pretty. Some look happy, some look sad. Some are about your age, some are older than you. Some of the photos are of very young teens, some of teens, some of adults. T show the specific sexual action, but instead show the individual in other different sexual situations. T necessarily call some of these photos nudes, but they do show the individual in similar sexual situations such as implied by the sexual innuendo. The Redhead, as you know her, is very calm about it all. T be nudes, though what other kind of photos would they show anyway. The rest of them are just like you said, just about all kinds of different types of women. T want someone else taking the photos. Re all very intimate, and I really wanted to show you as everything you really are, not some fantasy of mine. I took you in all kinds of different sexual situations. S just get to the important part of the box.

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