Rebel Wilson has been dating a woman, Ramona Agruma, for months

Rebel Wilson has a girlfriend! After years of dating men and publicly lusting after men, Rebel has found the love of a good woman named Ramona Agruma. Rebel and Ramona actually went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party together a few months ago but I don’t even remember hearing any gossip about them? Most people were probably like “oh nice, Rebel brought a friend to the party.” Naur, she brought her girlfriend. Rebel also timed her announcement for Pride Month! Happy pride y’all.

Rebel Wilson is sharing her new love with the world. On Thursday, the Senior Year actress, 42, posted a photo on Instagram smiling alongside her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, revealing in the caption, “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess #loveislove.”

A friend tells PEOPLE, “Rebel’s in an amazing place and I’ve never seen her happier.”

Last month, Wilson told PEOPLE about being set up with her new partner “through a friend,” though she didn’t reveal who the love interest was at the time.

“We spoke on the phone for weeks before meeting. And that was a really good way to get to know each other,” she said. “It was a bit old-school in that sense — very romantic. I think going through the process of finding more self-worth, I think that what you want in a partner is elevated and so it’s great to have someone who feels like an equal partner and be in a healthy relationship,” added Wilson. “There were times — I’m not saying with all my exes, they’re great — but there were some times that I was probably putting up with that I shouldn’t have. So it feels different to be in a really healthy relationship.”

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Good for her, honestly. This already feels so much healthier than some of her previous relationships. I had fun reading this Us Weekly piece about what they know about Ramona Agruma – she owns an LA-based sustainable clothing label, she went to university in Latvia, she speaks multiple languages and she does charity work. She sounds like a real catch.

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Is that Ramona on the far right of this IG? Did they watch Prince Harry play polo?

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