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People complain about their problems and share their favorite moments from the TV series. Its not the most interesting of chat sessions, but its not bad. You go to answer it, to get to the bottom of who is there or something, but then that door swings open. Its a woman with short blonde hair and a rather plain face. This is your virtual neighbor, and you realize that you really are living next door to yourself in a virtual world. It occurs to you that you have finally been living in a virtual world for so long, that most of the real world seems like a distant and surreal memory. For a brief instant, you think you see Samanthas face. You look at your computer screen and see this:Subject: UnknownSubject: Unknown Location: EarthYou dont recognize the name, or at least you cant place it. But I shouldnt tell you this in the living room of your house. I cant stop you, but I can help you. Oh, well I can talk to my family about this. The woman says nothing else, but leans forward, as if to keep you from closing the door quickly. Your wife and you seem to be close to her, she says. She goes back inside and you wait, but she doesnt come back out, and meanwhile you hear the front door being opened. How did things turn out between the two of you. Not bad, you say, hoping the woman will know to start over. She comes back out of the house and comes back with a man carrying a pistol. Do you want to go to your house or do you want to leave right now. If you leave now, I can take you to your house, but youll be staying at this hotel until your wife gets back, the man says. I really wish youd just let me go and see my wife.

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