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You take a look at the photos you took at the site of the crime and note that most of the pictures are photos of the victim. In the few pictures taken of the bodies themselves, you note that most of the corpses have some distinguishing marks such as scars or burn wounds. The only major telltale feature that you were unable to identify is that all of the bodies have no distinguishing tattoos that you could identify. You dont remember the victims having any distinguishing markings on their bodies so this would seem to indicate that they were deceased for less than a day. You look at their clothingYou dont really have time to look at all of the clothing so you just spend a bit of time looking at their shoes. You look at the shoes of some of the dead victims and realize that the footwear isnt much different from how you remember a lot of it being. It might be just you or it might be the clothing, but you feel like its a bit odd that most of the victims arent dressed in the same way that you are. Maybe there was another time that they were at the house and it wasnt quite as dark yet, or perhaps when the bodies were found, there was more of a police presence around the house. You decide to look into it a little more. When you look at the clothing of the dead victims, you notice that their clothing tends to have more noticeable logos on them. For example, check out whats on one of the dead bodies that you just looked at. The mans shirt is just plain white with no brands on it. When you look at the shirt of one of the remaining victims, its another story though. Its almost like these people were actually wearing different brands of clothing. This girl has on jeans, a shirt with the same brand of jeans and a shirt that has the same print as the jeans. When you consider it, you realize that the man and girl are the only two people who appear to be wearing clothing similar to the dead bodies. You look at the shirt of the dead man and figure you know where it could possibly come from or at least where it could be from. You figure its a shirt that youve seen before. The shirt has the same print and print is similar to the shirt that you usually wear. The other interesting thing is that there is no other clothing on this body that appears to be more similar to the shirt from before. You dont recognize the man or woman in this picture. You dont even recognize most of the dead body. You sort of dont even recognize this street.

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