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The second entry in this new series of entries is the music video of Beauty from Pain. The premise of the music video is very simple: Gone are the days of music videos where it is just a bunch of girls dancing to some sad music. This time we are going to show you a different side of music videos. What exactly is going to be shown is not entirely clear. The video includes the following description, When we go to the videos to see girls dancing and looking pretty we see this, but this time we are going to see this, and this time we are going to see how much more there is in the life of a girl than just watching movies. You skip to the music videoYou skip ahead to the music video on your phone. The video starts playing and you see the girls dancing. They all have a beautiful body, beautiful faces, and beautiful smiles. They dance happily and confidently, but you see the camera from time to time pointing at a pretty girls stomach. What is the point, as there is nothing positive to be learned in what they are doing or saying. A single glance at the camera tells you everything you need to know:The music videos are just a way for girls, and guys, to express their love for music. Beauty from Pain is the title of this particular music video; it gives us some hints about the type of girls portrayed in this music video. Beauty from Pain is the title because the girls in the video are actually suffering from skin problems. Now you might be wondering: Why would I want to watch a music video with beautiful women in beautiful clothes dancing. After all, the purpose of that kind of video is to enjoy the girls, not observe them. You see the videoYou skip ahead to see the actual music video. You do this a few more times until you see that the girls have now become your friends and you will also be friends with the girls when you are 18. The whole point of this music video is to show the positive side of music-video content. In this case:A lot of the girls in the video are smiling and laughing, as opposed to crying or doing anything else that would be normal in a music video. This is because the girls in the video are the friends of the girls you will be dating in your 18 years. It is evident that the girls in the video care about how they look as they dance and laugh. The music is the main thing here and is being used as a tool to uplift the spirit rather than an object of entertainment. The lyrics of the song that is playing are very positive, but of course not all that surprising.

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