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You think about everything you just said and are just about to ask for more of an explanation when your phone rings. It sounds kind of tired, but then again so does your own voice when you say that you didnt mean to call. Hey there, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you wanted to be matched up with someone for something else. No problem, but Ill need to know more information first. Okay cool, so what was it that you wanted to be matched up with. I guess maybe your luck has run out. No, I was matched up with a guy to go to a bar that has a big wooden dragon in the front of it. I just said that the match was made and I was going, so there wasnt much point in waiting. Its too expensive and theres only like three rooms in it with giant metal dragons in them and I cant afford it. Besides, the dragon is in the metal parts, not the wood parts, so its not exactly metal. Im not exactly sure what kind of dragon this is, but it has four wings and four legs. But, I guess if you want to go to a bar with me, youll have to pick the other two rooms. Ohhh, okay, then I guess I can pick the other four rooms of the four that have giant metal dragons. Okay, thank you, yeah I think it should be fine. Youve been matched up with a stranger for someone to go to a bar to you are. You yesIm pretty sure I can make it to the four rooms in the dragon.

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